5G phones to fulfill all your requirements

5G phones makes an individual realize that the world is moving too fast. People who are not very much aware of the technology might not know this new technology upgraded phones. There are many debates going around over the introduction of this technology because 4G was introduced in the market. When people are still exploring 4G they are introduced with this totally new and upcoming technology. This has caused some disturbance among the users regarding the purchase of 4G or 5G. You can see people still using 2G and 3G in market so it is an accepted fact that there will be some arguments related to the need of 5G.

5G technology

5G technology is the new fifth generation mobile phone technology. This technology is considered to be much better than that of the previous 4G technology. There are many new things added to this technology over the previous technology. The features of this new technology are as follows:

  • New advanced billing interface is used in the new technology.
  • Remote management is one of the things introduced by this new technology.
  • This technology also supports private virtual network
  • The network that is being used by this technology is very nice and thus, it connects people from almost all part of the world with greater speed.
  • The uploading and downloading speed of this technology is considered to be the best till date.
  • It provides exact and accurate traffic statistics thus, making things much simpler and easy.

This technology, no doubt, is the talk of the town and there might be hardly anyone who might be unaware of the introduction of this technology.

Features of 5G phones

5G phones5G phones have become a craze among people who love to use mobile phone. With improving technology, many things are improving thus making things fun, easier and fast for the user. The features of 5G phone are as follows: –
Network – this technology is expected to use satellites and wireless, due to this, an individual can use the network in any part of the world without worrying about things like roaming charges or network availability.

Computers – This 5G phone is expected to have Dual core processor thus, making it equivalent to the computer and apart from that, every phone will be having a permanent IP address thus, allowing the person to connect to internet directly through phone.  The latest 4 and 5G phones also feature advanced video conferencing services.  This technology is great for attending web seminars and online trade shows, or to meet with co-workers and friends

Understand the user’s requirement – this phone has the ability to understand the user’s requirement. If an individual is interested to watch television on mobile then there is an option of getting connected to internet for watching television by paying a price. Once an individual does this twice, then third time it will be automatically done.

Apart from the above mentioned features, 5G phones will have a great quality front end camera so the person can communicate with the person on the other end with best possible image quality.
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Are 5G phones just around the corner or do we have to wait for them?

The 4G communication system has just been released formally and it is just too early to jump to another system just now. This does not in anyway mean that there is nothing going on for the development of a new advanced system but it will definitely take some time. While some people are talking about the next generation of communication, many are still relying on previous communication technologies, the 2G and the 3G leave aside the 4G which may take the next 4-5 years to get global recognition. So, when should we start thinking of 5G phones then? To be honest and what has been the previous history of development, not before 2020.

Just because there is still a long time before these really hit the market does not mean that the thought of it can be put aside. Just a word or two (or a couple of articles) over 5G phones won’t hurt! One thing is for sure that 5G phones are really something to wait for. These phones unquestionably will be smarter, lighter, and faster and will be performance oriented.

With dual core processors coming in mobile phones today, one can only imagine what kind of capability these 5g phones will have. Speed, area coverage and reliability are what would be defining the new generation of communication devices. The speed factor in 5G phones refers to higher data transfer rate at exceptionally high speed, covering a wider area covered thus lowering the cost of installing communication transfer centers across countries and lowering the price of data transfers. When larger areas would be covered with high speeds, it will ultimately lead to more reliability by cutting down the chances of signal drops and being out of range, defining the true 5G phones.

Touch technology is already here with all its vigor and valor so it can be said that 5G phones would possibly be relying on voice control. The size of these gadgets is undoubtedly going to be smaller but way more powerful than any cellular gadget today.

5g phones

Which would be the best 5G phones when the time comes is really a very complicated thing to say. Apple may have announced its new 5G phone but that’s not the 5G phone we are talking about. As always, there will certainly be tons of improvements to this technology in the coming years which will really define it. HTC, LG, Samsung and BlackBerry are also expected to have started their work on 5g phones as well. So, which would be the best is still to be known and until then there still is the new 4G technology to get a hold of.

The final word on 5G phones is that these are definitely going to be ground breaking and breath taking little tech toys in your hands! These are going to be way faster, wider and powerful as compared to anything today. Just hold on for the next couple of years to get the real taste of it.

5G Phones – The Sci-Fi Smart Phone Is Almost Here

5G Phones

5G phones are a long way off, yet, in spite of what some people would like us to believe. With a roughly ten year gap between the phone generations, and with 4G phones only now beginning to come to market, the word on the street is that 2020 will be the year of the true 5G phone. Any attempts to accelerate that seem doomed to failure. These things take as long as they take.

What can you expect from five G phones? Well, it’s always good fun to guess what technological developments might be in the pipeline, so here are a few suggestions to the phone manufacturers for features they might like to build into their 5G phones.


A five G phone must-have feature is an invisibility cloak.

The technology’s been the subject of research at Shanghai University for some time now and although they seem to be dragging their heels a bit, it seems not unreasonable to expect to be able to hide behind your 5G phone, once you’ve bought it. Keep your eyes open for the HTC Cloak-O-Phone from Verizon Wireless in the run-up to the next decade.

5G phones will be nothing without a personal TASER stun gun built in. All well and good using an invisibility cloak to hide behind, but when the chips are down, what you really want is a good old-fashioned deterrent. A smart phone stun gun deters like nothing else, when bullies are on the prowl. Look out for the Samsung Sam-Stun 5G phone from Sprint, if and when it’s released.


The ultimate luxury 5G phone, of course will be the transporter phone. The Apple iScotty “Beam-Me-Up-Phone” is strongly rumored to be the front-runner in this eagerly awaited 5G phone genre. Said to be “some way off yet”, be sure to keep on surfing for the latest news on a release date.

5G phones will have all the features of the current crop of 4G smart phones, naturally, with some exciting extras, as the technology moves into the mainstream. Foldable devices will enable novel marketing promotions, such as the Starbucks EspressoPhone, folding into a handy coffee cup shape for your convenience. Mention has also been made of wearable devices, with prototype C-K Sockophones being trialled, according to techie whisperings. You read it here first.